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If you are looking to be married at the Rimbey United Church, or by Pastor Marco, please contact the church for more information: 403-843-2458.



The Covenant of Baptism:




 “Baptism celebrates God’s initiative and our response.  It is God’s “Yes!” to us and our “Yes” to God.  It is a sign of the Divine-human covenant.  Baptism flows from God’s unmerited grace and pours out in waves of gratitude and commitment.  As initiation into the Church, the Body of Christ, it is an act of welcoming, blessing and belonging.”   From Celebrate God’s Presence:  A Book of Services.

In History:

In the Bible, and in the early church, baptism was a regular part of initiating adults into the community of the church…a person’s response to God’s love that was evident in their lives. Children and infants were baptized because they were part of the family unit.  Their parents’ commitments, values and faith influenced and spoke for the whole family.

Where is baptism carried out?

Baptism happens in the community of the church with other people who share the same hopes, faith and longing.  It can happen in a regular worship service.  It can happen in the context of a Bible Study group, it can happen in a hospital or home setting as long as members of the faith community are present.

Who baptizes?

The church baptizes.  The promises are made in the context of community.  A minister who has been given the Rite of Sacrament by the United Church of Canada officiates at the ceremony.

Who is baptized?

Adults who have never made a profession of faith and wish to be baptized.

Children of parents or legal guardians requesting baptism.  If parents are not baptized at the time, they may be encouraged to be baptized along with their children, although this response is an invitation rather than a requirement.

What preparation do they have?

Those seeking baptism will meet with the minister to share in a faith conversation about baptism.  They will go over the history and meaning of baptism in the church, and examine the statements of faith, promises and vows connected to it.  They will talk about how this will be lived out in their lives.

What are the key elements of baptism?

In connection with partner churches around the world, the following  elements are part of a Christian baptism:

·      Profession of faith in God as expressed in the trinity. (God, Jesus the  Christ, Holy Spirit)

·      Commitment to seek justice and resist evil

·      Commitment to follow in the way of Jesus

·      Commitment to the mission and ministry of the church

What is the hope for the baptized person?

To continue to grow in faith and live out their baptism in their daily life.

To connect with the church and its mission and ministry in the world.

What is the commitment of the sponsor or godparents?

The godparents promise to support the life and spiritual development of the baptized person. The role of “Godparents” in the United Church of Canada traditionally has been filled by the whole congregation.  However, some parents or candidates may choose to call upon the support of special family members and friends.  This may be particularly meaningful for persons from specific cultural or religious backgrounds. 

            *note:  the appointment of a godparent is not a legal designation. It does not automatically make someone guardian over a minor in the case of loss of parents.  In order to do this, the parents need to make a legal will and specify a guardian in that document.

What is the work of the church?

The work of the church is to be members of the Body of Christ, who are all living out their baptism.  The church will be a welcoming, supportive and faith-filled people who will offer opportunities for the baptized to grow and mature in their own faith journey, and share in the wider mission with others.

Baptism in Extraordinary Circumstances.

Baptisms are normally conducted in the community of the church at a regular worship service.  It is not a “private family service.”  However, special circumstances may arise in which the whole congregation cannot or need not be present.

·      In the case of those who are hospitalized or home-bound through illness or disability

·      In the case of those with extreme anxiety.

·      Other personal circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for the baptismal candidate to be baptized at a regular worship service.

In these situations, members of the Board, or the congregation may accompany the minister in a baptism, and represent the larger body of the church and its promises.

How are decisions made about who is baptized?

Names of potential candidates are brought to the worship committee and/or Official Board to be received.  If special circumstances are indicated, they will be discussed and planned for. It is the general policy of the Rimbey United Church that we do not create barriers between the church and the people regarding baptism.  We do not stand in the way of God’s grace.  We rely on the abundant love of God to assist all of us as the church in fulfilling our vows and promises.

Image by Ryan Crotty


The congregation of the Rimbey United Church offers you our support during this difficult time.


We would like to help in whatever way possible immediately following the death, and trust that

you will feel free to let us know how we might help you in the days and in the months to come.

If you are considering using the Rimbey United Church for these funeral or memorial arrangements, perhaps the following outline will help you know what to expect.


We will do our best to accommodate your wishes, as we are able.


1. The fee of $700.00 that we request covers the following : the use of the church, (sanctuary and lower hall with kitchen) the honoraria for one clergy, a technician and the custodian.


The United Church organist will be available for an additional fee of $150. (this fee to be added the $700 payment). We ask that you give a cheque to the funeral home for that amount. They will ensure that the church receives it.


2. Funeral lunches may be organized by the women of the church (UCW and UCLF) and payment is requested for catering the lunch according to the following fee structure: for a light lunch that includes tea, coffee, cold drinks and a sweet: $4.00 per plate. 


For a more substantial lunch that adds sandwiches, and pickles to the above: $6.00 per plate. For meat/cheese/fruit trays, in addition to the above, they will be ordered at the Evergreen Co-op, Rimbey and served at cost.


Numbers will be estimated by the family. If more than 25 over the estimated number are served, an additional fee may be charged. The fee includes all of the food, the set up, the service and the clean up. 


The fee is to be paid to the funeral Director who will forward the amount to the church. If you have another group you would like to cater the lunch in our hall, you are welcome to  use the facilities for no additional fee if the funeral service is held in the church.


3. A group other than the United Church may coordinate lunches following funerals that were not held in the church. In this case, the church asks for a payment of $65 for the use of the kitchen and facilities. All outside groups using the kitchen and hall are responsible for ensuring that the facilities are left in a clean and tidy manner.


4.  No family will be refused funeral services for financial reasons. If you cannot afford the fee, please let either the funeral home director or the minister know this and every effort will be made to accommodate your circumstances.


5.  The sanctuary is equipped with microphones.

We have capabilities for projecting computer slide show presentations.

We recommend that all video presentations  be pre-screened on the church's equipment at least one day before the service to check for technical compatibility.

Arrangements to do this may be made by speaking to the funeral director or minister. 


6. The Rimbey United Church  has an ongoing Memorial Fund. Should funds be donated in

memory of your loved one, her or his name will be placed on our Memorial Board at the back of

the church.


7. You can arrange for the delivery of flowers, picture boards or other items with the minister or

funeral director. These may be placed either upstairs in the sanctuary for the service or in the

hall for the reception.


8. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to either the minister or the funeral



May God bless you and your family in this time of grief.


The Rimbey United Church Board.







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