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Purdy's Chocolate Fundraiser

The Rimbey United Church is fundraising with Purdy's Chocolatier, a well-trusted brand, just in time for Easter!

Why not get your Easter Chocolates from our fundraising campaign and ease your Easter shopping in our one-stop-shop?

Ordering Information:

To order, please click the "Shop Now" button above to be redirected to the ordering website.

You will need to set a password (for added security & order tracking)

After you have signed in, you can get your amazing chocolates and invite others to join and support our fundraising campaign.

If you are not comfortable with online ordering, no worries. If you would like to have your order placed for you, please pick up a catalogue from the church office.  Fill out the order form, attach a cheque (made out to Rimbey United Church) and then return the order form and cheque to the church office.  If you have questions, please contact Joan.

Thank you for your support!

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