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Together Apart in 2020

Together Apart: The Secret Quilt Project

When our calendar changed from 2019 to 2020, who would have predicted how our world would be changed by the middle of March?

​With the threat of a global pandemic, our faith community was required to close the doors to weekly worship and gatherings of people. This invisible and deadly virus, COVID-19, began to test us in ways that we could not have imagined.

​At a time when our faith community was finding new purpose, renewed enthusiasm and increased participation, we needed to find a way to maintain our connections. The idea for this project was developed in a conversation with the minister, Marco Ste-Marie in an effort to keep us together, while we had to be apart. And the plan was to unveil it when we were able to return to in-person worship. But this takes some time, so we decided to share our good news now.

​We put out a call for fabric, inviting people to send us a 10 inch by 10 inch square and the response was overwhelming. We received fabric representing more than 85 people from near and far, including Lacombe, Ontario, Vancouver Island and an orphanage in Malawi. Each piece of fabric has a story; a favorite t-shirt, baby's first bib and even some favorite drapes!

​Three ideas for the project were brought forward and one with a large cross was chosen. Once the preliminary lay-out was done, 5 experienced quilters were contacted and input was received. The project was then completed into what you see.

​There are some messages held within this project. Most important of all, we learned that you don’t have to gather together in a building to generate excitement for a project and that keeping the end result a “secret” added to the desire to be involved.

​● You can see that we have all come together around our central beliefs and values, as symbolized by the cross and the message of Christ.

● You can also see that we are all SO different and yet, when we come together with these differences, something beautiful can be created.

● Everyone has something to contribute and everyone has a place to fit in, no matter what colour or what outer design you have. All can be part of this amazing quilt called community. All are welcome!

● Some of us blend in easily and others stand out no matter where they are but all of the pieces work together to bring beauty to the entire picture, with no one piece being more important than then next.

​All the people who have provided fabric have had their names added to the back of the quilt. There is also a large cloth pocket that will act as a time capsule for this time in our church life. If you would like to add your perspective of this time in history, please send it forward. And we encourage our little ones to send pictures and stories as well.

​The extra fabric that we have received will be used in future projects including baptism quilts and comfort quilts for people facing health concerns. A heartfelt thank you to all who participated and found creative ways to get their fabric to the church. The process of gathering the fabric was half of the fun ... the other half was in creating something that we were all looking forward to seeing! Something to hold us together while we had to be apart.

​This quilt is representative of what our community is like, never apart, sewn together by faith, each thread being as important as the other to stay strong and united. This pandemic, like the quilt, has united us in ways we never expected.

Praise be to God.

Rimbey United "The Church That Can" Faith Community

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