Homework for this week:

Questions for the week: 

Why is the communion of the Lord’s Supper one of the great privileges of a Christian?

How have I found the experience of the Lord’s Supper?

Bible Reading Homework: 

                        The Fall and Restoration of Israel

David and Bath Sheba                                    2 Samuel 11:1-12:25

King Solomon                                                 1 Kings 1:1-3:28

Solomon’s Temple                                     1 Kings 8:1-9:9

Elijah and Ahab                                                 1 Kings 16:29-19:18

Hezekiah and Manasseh                                     2 Kings 18:1-21:18

Josiah’s Reform                                                 2 Kings 22:1-23:30

The Fall of Jerusalem                                     2 Kings 25:1-30

The return from Exile                                     Ezra 1:1-4 and 3:1-13