Message from our Conference President

 t is with joy that I invite each member and friend of the church in this Conference area to participate in a Season of Prayer during Lent ( March 1 – April 15, 2017). During this time each person in our congregations is invited to join with the others to raise our concerns for the church before God in prayer. The issues of change in the way we do Church and Remits have dominated much of our conversations during 2016. This Season of Prayer is intended for us to change the focus of our discussions a little as we seek to discern the will of God and focus more on the Mission of the church.

The resource materials that you are receiving are intended to assist you in the planning for the observance of the Season. We have prepared several resources for you, all of which are on the ANW Conference's website.

These resources include:

  • Outline of the 2017 Season of Prayer 
  • Prayer Service/Prayer Meeting Resource  
  • Prayers for each Sunday of Lent based on Conference Prayer Concerns
  • The Spiritual Practice of Fasting
  • The Spiritual Practice of Lectio Divina.

Season of Prayer Resources Online

If you have any questions about them please feel free to ask the Conference Office or myself, and we will surely seek to answer your questions.

I also commend to you the devotional “Parables, Prayers and Promises – Daily devotions on Jesus”, written by Martha Martin (Diaconal Minister, Maritime Conference) and published by the United Church Publishing House. It is available through the UCRD. It is an excellent companion for us as we pray and renew our acquaintance with Jesus during this season.

It is my sincere prayer that we as a Conference will emerge from this time of prayer renewed, recharged and recommitted to continue the work of Witness, Mission and Ministry. Let it all be to the glory of God!

With every prayerful good wish.

I am your servant for Jesus’ sake,

Paul Douglas Walfall (Rev’d)


Click here for Lent 2017 Season of Prayer Resources