Questions for the week: 

            Is my faith second-hand or my own?

            What can I do about thinking through my own faith?

            What central truth must I believe if I am to be a Christian?

Homework:  Suggested Scripture Readings:

                        The Stories of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

 The Call of Abram                        Genesis 12:1-13:18

The Covenant with Abram                        Genesis 15:1-21

Abraham’s Three Visitors                        Genesis 18:1-33

Isaac’s Birth and Sacrifice                        Genesis 21:1-22:19

Isaac and Rebecca                        Genesis 24:1-67

Jacob and Esau Compete                        Genesis 27:1-28:9           

Jacob’s Ladder                                    Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob and Esau Reconcile                        Genesis 32:1-33:20