Connect to General Council 42 August 8-14 held in Cornerbrook NFLD.

Live Stream Video
Connect on YouTube Live and follow the GC42 live stream video, including worship, plenary sessions, the vote for the next Moderator, and more! You can also log in using your Google account to share comments and discuss the proceedings directly on the YouTube page. Tune in and see General Council in action!

Each day short video clips will be posted on the United Church channel offering new perspectives on General Council. Includes daily introductions, the day's top issues, peeks behind the scenes, and more!

The United Church Facebook page will feature ongoing news, commentary, video, and photos throughout the 42nd General Council. Follow the United Church page to share your own comments and keep up to date on all the proceedings! There is also a Facebook group for GC42 Commissioners and others to share and discuss the proposals and work going to Council. Join in!

Twitter is a great way to connect with GC42! Follow @UnitedChurchCda for the latest, up-to-the-minute updates! Share your tweets at #GC42 and join in the discussion with others. 

Follow the official GC42 Flickr collection, or join us on Instagram, using #GC42.

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